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Copper Repipe $500 OFF

Repiping your home at the right time is good!



Quality You Deserve

At Crown Plumbing we are proud to say that we only use the highest end, (top notch) American Made piping, fittings, ball valves, angle stops material available in the industry by research and statistics. Copper never rusts, builds up, or corrodes. Copper piping has a lifetime of 80-100 years, and offers dependability, reliability, consistent volume pressure, and leak proof system.

Water Pressure

  • Low Water Pressure
  • Leaky Pipes
  • Under the House and at Faucets

Low water pressure at a faucet, shower or washing machine is caused by the build-up of rust and corrosion on the inside of galvanized iron pipes. As these pipes age, the rust and corrosion continues to build restricting the flow of water more and more.

Leaks under the house are most commonly caused by corrosin (the eating into or wearing away gradually, as by rusting or chemical reaction) of the galvanized iron pipes. Leaks at the faucets or shower valves could be caused by high water pressure.


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