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Water Heaters

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Water Heaters $100 OFF

Flushing your water heater regularly can extend it's life.


Water Heater Maintenance

Water Heater Flush

It is very important that you have your water heater flushed at least once a year. This will remove the sediment that is building up in your water heater and extend the life of your water heater. Also you should have your anode rod checked. Replacing your anode rod at regular intervals may increase the life of your water heater, saving you money, time and the inconvenience of having to replace your water heater. One of the most important considerations in having a normal life span for your water heater is whether the anode rod is performing it's job - to divert corrosive action away from the tank walls to the anode rod. This is why they are known as sacrificial anode rods. Depending on the needs of the user, there are several options when making a selection. Magnesium, Aluminum, or a combination of Aluminum, Zinc, and Tin are the most common; there are also flexible options for low ceiling clearance or difficult access points, and hot water outlet styles for additional protection or for those who cannot remove their existing anode. The condition of your anode rod (and whether it is time to replace it) depends upon your water quality, how much the water heater is used, the running temperature, and of course the craftsmanship of the tank itself; it is also good to note that water softened with sodium often equals a shorter life for an anode rod, so being aware of all the factors that affect the anode rod will help you to keep your water heater in top working order.

Residential Water Heaters

Traditional Water Heater, such as a Rheem vs Tankless Water Heater, such as Rinnai

You have a clear choice when it comes to water heaters. A traditional water heater or a tankless water heater. Both will serve you with hot water. In most cases a traditional water heater is installed. If you are interested in never running out of hot water then a tankless water heater would be your choice. A tankless water heater is also useful if you have a Jacuzzi to fill. The nice think about tankless is that after you fill your Jacuzzi you still have hot water available to you.

Commercial Water Heaters

Crown Plumbing is happy to provide commercial water heaters to restaurants, apartment complexes and commercial buildings. Our professional technicians will evaluate your property and determine what the proper size water heater is for your facilitie.


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