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Eugenio B.

Great and quick and nice service. Mike came here and did a very good assessment and figure out my lower water pressure! Definitely recommended to anyone.


R C.

We recently used Crown Plumbing for our main sewage line repair. Their pricing was competitive, they were responsive, professional and finished the job ahead of schedule! I would highly recommend them! (Manny specifically was great to work with!)

Mike A.

called this morning - and had an appointment the same afternoon - Moises fixed the clogged drains in less than an hour - told me exactly what he was doing and explained the diagnosis and fix.

Mila M.

I called Crown Plumbing twice this week for stopped up drains in different properties. Each time the phone was answered promptly by a knowledgeable person who was able to schedule an appointment very quickly, in one instance on the same day. In both cases Sal arrived promptly and soon had the problems resolved. He was professional but friendly. I couldn't be more satisfied.

Mike L.

Very happy with my service call today. Manny was on time, early within the specified time window, very professional and friendly. He was able to do my repair promptly and cost effectively.

I have some other projects I'll need done shortly, and will absolutely use them again.

Alan S.

Had a problem with the outgoing line backing up. Called them for a snake and it turns out the problem was on the city side of the line and they were not able to snake it out. Had them install a clean out valve and they were done by Wednesday. They even worked with the city afterwards to show them where the actual problem was.

Samantha B.

I'm so happy I called them! I woke up to a flooded kitchen due to our garbage disposal. Within an hour Manny from crown plumbing arrived. Manny was amazing!!! He immediately diagnosed the issue and everything was fixed in less that 30 minutes! I didn't miss a step in my day and they accommodated to my schedule. The prices were definitely fair for an emergency visit. We had work done years ago on a toilet replacement that to this day is still perfect! I'm only trusting them with my plumbing from now on!


Rico S.

Called Abram in the morning regarding a water heater leak. He was able to send out Mike fairly quickly. Mike had good manners, presented everything fairly, shared the technical aspects of his diagnosis, and was easy to talk with.

He offered advice on next steps that should be considered and was not pushy about it. I liked that.

If I have any more plumbing needs, I will be sure to go back to Mike, Abram, and Crown Plumbing.

Gina A.

I had a very good experience with Crown Plumbing. They were helpful on the phone, scheduled someone to come out on the day I requested, showed up promptly, and completely fixed my sprinkler problem in one visit. This was a problem I'd had a great deal of trouble finding anyone to fix, I might add. I highly recommend Crown and expect to use them again for other plumbing needs.

Chuck S.

I called Crown Plumbing for a bathroom faucet repair. They answered the phone promptly and set the service date for the next day. Manny, the tech, called and asked to come an hour earlier than the scheduled time window. He was polite and fixed the faucets despite some difficulty with parts frozen together by hard water buildup. He then explained why we were experiencing the issue and offered some water softening solutions. We decided on a water conditioning system; and they set it up for the next day to install! The installation was done in a day, and so far it's working flawlessly. I highly recommend this company for any plumbing needs!


Raffie C.

Sal was great! He arrived early in the 8-10am window scheduled, and was very efficient. He gave me the price up front for approval and went right to work. He was able to replace the hot water valve under the sink, remove the old kitchen faucet and replace it in about an hour.
Well worth the expense to be able to get on with the rest of my day because the work was professional & quick. I'll recommend the work Sal did today to anyone.

Bill S.

I am very satisfied with Crown Plumbing. Very prompt service. I received text confirmation right after I called in my request for service. I was again texted when the plumber was en route to my home. I was very impressed with Salvador Juarez. His courtesy and manner put me at ease immediately. He explained the service and gave me a price which I felt was very fair.
Salvador's professionalism and work exceeded my expectations. I will call Crown Plumbing in the future and will not hesitate to recommend them.
Thank you Crown Plumbing for excellent and honest service.


Sonia N.

We had a leaking toilet, and heaven knows I had no idea how to handle this. Enter Crown Plumbing. Long story short, they solved the problem quickly, efficiently, and affordably. Highly recommend!


Julia H.

Easy to schedule appointment. Great service from Sal who arrived on time, diagnosed the problem and fixed efficiently.


Anthony H.

These guys are great. I've had two interactions with them recently. They're now in my address book for future needs!
1. I put an offer on a house & had them come out for a detailed plumbing inspection. They found that the copper piping was bad and needed to be replaced. They were professional, friendly, and drew up a cost estimate immediately. Upon careful consideration, I decided to withdraw the offer and saved a ton of money as well as a big headache.
2. More recently, they came out to investigate a leak in my kitchen sink. Found the leak quickly and advised how I could fix it myself quickly and pretty easily. Of course, they said that they'd be happy to come out and do it themselves, if I'd prefer. I was impressed with their transparency.

Farshad P.

After some confusion about my appointment, the owner went out of his way to accommodate my tight schedule.

Amir L.

Great contractor! I TRULY appreciate working with a contractor that uses technology. They emailed me my appt, txted me a confirmation and took credit cards. That to me, is worth any price!

Additionally, they did great work! I had them come out for a couple of small faucet leaks. Came on time, txted me when they were on their way, and did a quick clean job. Definitely would recommend them and use them again!


Jill S.

Used them last week when I noticed the ceiling in garage leaking. They came out that day and after the plumber(forgot his name) did a few tests quickly determined it was the seal around toliet was leaking. Sealed it and ran some tests, no leaks! The plumber was super nice and spent a great deal of time to determine the problem.Will use Crown again!


Kent L.

No one ever likes having to call the plumber but they made the experience as painless as possible.

We initially thought our water heater was leaking but the issue was actually from a pipe leaking in our walls. It took quite a bit of effort for Abram and his partner to find it and some maneuvering to fix the leak but they got it all taken care of within a day of us discovering the problem.

Unfortunately (due to cost savings from the initial homebuilders) this is our 4th such experience within the past year...but they were the first plumbers to really insist that we install a shut off valve to our recirculation line (which the root cause of the problem) to try and prevent this from happening again. All in all, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs a quick, courteous, and clean plumbing crew.

J L.

Easy to get an appointment. Quick repair. Friendly service.

Yanwen J.

Manny did a really good job. I had a leaking bathtub faucet and a broken garbage disposal. Manny arrived on time, spotted the issues very fast and performed the replacement service in a professional and efficient way. I will definitely recommend Crown Plumbing and Manny.

Angel E.

Amazing responsive plumbing service with top notch service, fair pricing and great service. Would recommend these guys to anyone!

Cristina F.

Came out the same day I called. Fixed the problem fast. Reasonable price. I would definitely used Crown Plumbing again.

Christina B.

Manny showed up right on time. They gave us 9-11am window, and he was at our door right at 9am. He was professional & courteous. He worked on our plumbing issue really efficiently. Their rates are reasonable too, especially for this area. We will definitely use them again, and hopefully, we will get Manny assigned to us again!

Vijay P.

Truly excellent service! Phone call picked up after one ring. Appointment immediately confirmed both by text and email. Noticed when Sal was on his way. Sal arrived immediately diagnosed the problem and took care of our problem competently and efficiently and gave us some advice on how to avoid it in the future! To get this kind of service in the Bay Area is truly unusual!


Cathy V.

Manny Chavez did a really good job! He came to our office to fix a leaking and broken garbage disposal. He assessed the issue and fixed the problem really fast! Didn't disturb any of our employees and it's now fully functional again with a 1 year warranty. He also cleaned up the leak and put everything back neatly. Wish we could've tipped him but Crown Plumbing's POS system doesn't have a tip option and we didn't have any cash. Thank you!

Poly P.

Called crown plumbing at 7:30am this morning because the main shut off valve from the curb into my house was broken. They send someone out by 8am and replaced the valve in under 2hrs. The work done was absolutely professional and outstanding. Thanks Abram and team.

Annette S.

Shane from Crown Plumbing came today and replaced my toilet fill valve. He was timely, courteous, professional, and personable and the price was not bad either. I will call Crown again for my plumbing needs.


J P.

Went above and beyond the scope of the job. For a sink on the garage I had them remove they discovered a big hole in the wall behind the sink. I had drywall so they patched the hole. They also Removed a a no longer needed Ballard in the garage as well. It wasn't scoped but Sal went above and beyond. They did a great job of cleaning up a gas line also. For any plumbing needs I highly recommend Crown Plumbing.


Eduardo H.

I got a repipe done recently. Got it done fast and at a decent price. They showed up at the time they said they were going to show up and they are guaranteeing the work for life. You can't ask for more.

Kathy S.

I first used Crown about three weeks ago at my home. Broken pipe under house which caused water damage and gnats in my bathrooms.
Michael was wonderful; he arranged for a restoration company to come out the next day and clean up the water/gnats and then he came back and did the pipe repair. Very clean and professional.
This week the sink at my office backed up. I called Crown again and Sal came out within the hour and fixed the sink.
So happy I found this company.....

C. X.

The pipe that connects my wash machine was clogged. I called them. The phone was answered immediately. I got the quote over the phone, unlike other companies that would send people over and charge a fee for the trip whether you would have a service or not. I scheduled an appointment for second day morning. They sent a message to my phone to confirm the appointment. Second day they sent a message when the technician was on the way. The technician (his name is Shane) was knowledgeable and friendly (He also has shoe covers when going into to the house). He had done the work well. He went up to the roof to clean the drain. I would say the whole process was smooth and easy for me.
Now the pipe is clean. But eventually I will have to add a clean-out behind my wash machine.


Ian C.

Abram and his team were the only ones willing to try remove the granite countertop to replace the undermount sink underneath. He was very clear on the risks and expectations of success and gave very clear quotes detailing options if the removal worked or not. Very responsive and very professional. Also appreciated their diligence in cleaning their workspace as they worked. Mentioned I had cleaners coming the next day anyway but they still took time to thoroughly clean.

Jas K.

Excellent service.
We were installing a bidet and somehow the water tank on the toilet ended up leaking water 🙁
We called Crown Plumbing, and they sent over Manny.
Super friendly guy, he's awesome at his job. Knows what he's doing and is very efficient.
1. They'll give you a quote after they've had a look (which is very practical)
2. They bring all the tools. ALL. So no going back n forth.
3. Manny was super friendly. We exchanged some nice stories, I'd definitely hang out with this guy if I met him in a bar 😀
5. They clean up after the job is done.
6. We tested everything before Manny left. Working to my satisfaction.
Overall A+ rating.
Would recommend to friends and family.
P.S Give this guy a raise.


Chris C.

Had a bit of delay playing phone tag to begin with (maybe just call instead of contacting via site), but overall great experience. Was polite and fast at replacing garbage disposal, and didn't even mind changing the price after I'd payed (when I remembered the 'mention yelp' discount).

Richard S.

Michael came out and replaced a failed shower valve cartridge. While he was here, he put together a proposal for a repipe. Very professional and informative. Would definitely recommend.

Jessica C.

I originally called Crown Plumbing for a slow flowing shower. Michael came out and checked it out. Come to find out it wasn't my shower but the main water line lever was turned off by mistake. They didn't charge me for this. Then they came back out a few weeks later to replace my water heater and did a fabulous job. My next shower was the best ever! I actually had to turn it down a little.
Very clean, friendly and honest work. 
I will use them again in a heart beat. I went to them because of the great Yelp reviews I read.

Milind G.

I got my sewers blocking up after we added a bathroom. After going through a lot of snaking and advice I decided to replace the old cast iron sewer with new ABS 4" line. I got multiple quotes and description of the work. I finally decided to go with Crown Plumbing. Reasons were they gave me the best quote, were the most established company and had great ratings and reviews.
I was not sorry about my decision at all. The work was big since the sewer lines were replaced right from the bathrooms in the crawlspace and then outside the house all the way to the street and putting a cleanout outside the house and then before the curb.
 The whole work was done in a couple of days with no interruption of service any evening. The also scheduled the permit and inspection and handed me the permit paperwork once everything was done. They have a warranty of 20 years.
 Overall it was a no stress quick and quality repair. Would recommend them to all my friends.

Susan S.

Freddie from Crown Plumbing fixed a leak in our kitchen sink. He was very knowledgeable. After asking him some unrelated questions about our water heater, I decided to upgrade to a new one. He was able to come out the next day and install it. I appreciate the quality of work and how communicative he was. I would 100% recommend Freddie and Crown Plumbing and will use him for any other needs going forward.

Anne K.

Had an issue with my water heater. Crown Plumbing was able to come very quickly and replace it. They were also able to work with the restoration company and have been there every step of the way.
Thank you Freddie and Sean. Really appreciate your help.

Jim S.

These guys have creatively solved sticky problems and provided really good service on easier stuff like toilet repair. Have used them twice now and intend to use them again.

Kristina R.

We have used Crown Plumbing for a variety of different projects (backed up pipes in laundry room, garbage disposal not working and dishwasher issues) at our house and every time they were very helpful and knowledgeable. They are our go to plumbing company.

Robert L.

Freddy and Jose from Crown Plumbing did an excellent job. They changed out the the sewer drain line under the house, added a clean out in the front and added two toilets. They also assisted with permits and city inspections.

Jeanne T.

It's not often one hugs your service man but when Sal cleared the pipe blockage at my house, that's exactly what I did. This company showed up within hours of my emergency call, kept me informed along the way (even let me watch), quoted fair pricing and cleared the problem. I would give my best friend their phone number and will call them again. They have many good reviews and now I see why. Keep up the good work!


Erika Z.

Super good customer service, friendly, timely. Had appointment scheduled quickly, good follow-up, great service guy (Michael). Highly recommend!

Walt R.

We recently had to replace our old clothes washer and the delivery people weren't able to shut off the hot water supply to our old washer to make the switch, so I needed urgent plumbing help while the washer delivery people were standing by (I didn't want them to leave since it would take another day or more to reschedule their visit). We called Crown Plumbing and requested Mike who has helped us with several previous plumbing issues. Needless to say, Mike came through for us again--prompt, competent, knowledgeable and responsive. Our new washer was installed and is working fine--thanks to Crown and especially to Mike!


Tom L.

Very good experience with Crown Plumbing. My parents' place in Cupertino had a kitchen garbage disposal purchased and installed by Crown Plumbing early this year. It stopped working last week. They sent a technician over and reset the button and it worked again. They did not charge my parents for the service.

G L.

Second time using Crown Plumbing. This time to fix some running toilets. They were quick, knowledgeable and got the job done.

Rona L.

I babied my kitchen sink over the holidays, but had to finally admit defeat - it would not drain. I called Crown Plumbing because they have an A+ rating with the BBB, terrific reviews here, and are local (practically around the corner). The person who answered the phone and scheduled the appointment was very pleasant, and Freddy, who came out to fix the problem, was great. He was friendly, efficient, snaked the drain and got rid of who-knows-what, and made everything clean before he left. I will definitely use Crown again when the next plumbing problem happens.

R T.

Very pleased with the service! Friendly and pleasant on the phone when I made the appointment.
Michael the plumber showed up within the appointed time and immediately put shoe covers on to enter my home (Thank you for that!!).
He examined our master bath commode, diagnosed quickly and made the necessary repairs for a very reasonable fee.
Thanks for your attention to detail. We will keep your number for future plumbing needs.


Martha A.

Professional and Communicative
Freddie, Jose and their crew helped us replace a corroded incoming water pipe from the main to our garden. It required digging a 30 foot trench, jackhammering and pulling up concrete and stone, and replacing the crumbling pipe with copper piping. We really enjoyed working with them. Freddie and Jose communicated with us frequently and they completed the job in just a few days. We will call them again when we have a plumbing problem. Their skill set and communication skills inspire confidence and they are delightful people to work with. Crown is lucky to have them as on board!

Olive O.

Crown Plumbing is the BEST! I am very picky person and I don't let up. They are professional and polite. They have taken care of everything and have done a fantastic job. My shower is done and I love it! Who would have thought to contact a plumber for this? When my hall bath needs to be redone I am most definitely calling Crown Plumbing. In fact, I will call Abram when I need anything. 🙂

cynthia g.

Had problem with water heater pipe, A&Shad put wrong type of pipe on and it corroded. The heating and air conditioning known as A&S told me they would be back on tues or wed before Thanksgiving...but never did. My house could have flooded. Called A&S again...never heard back. Got in touch with Mike at Crown Plumbing . He was prompt, honest, professional, friendly and knew what he was doing. The price was reasonable and worth his service. Will always use Crown Plumbing! Mike was a life saver and didn't try to upsell me. Thanks Crown Plumbing.


L H.

Without a doubt one of the best experiences I have had with a plumbing service. I woke up to no water in the home at 4am and a torrent of water running from my walkways and driveway into the street. Turns out the PVC piping from the street main to my home had broken when the sprinklers went off. I called at exactly 8 am and given an appointment between 8 am to 10 am. MIchael arrive on time. I had a lot of questions. He listened to my panicking concerns and after a thorough assessment of the site he was able to determine the the irritation system was joined to the part of the water system before the pressure regulator. No wonder that PVC pipe fixture had broken twice in 5 years. Michael stayed to do the job and it took several hours working in the dirt. He reworked the pipes with a permanent fix in mind. The finished work looks great and sturdy and importantly the work site clean. See photo.

I was able to get an estimate on copper piping from the street to the house using tunneling under the stone sidewalk and a replacement cost of many bathroom fixtures in the home. All the prices seemed very reasonable particularly for the level of service provided. I am thankful for the amazing, professional, and timely work done on a Friday before a long weekend. It could have been painful few days but thanks to Michael it's gonna be a the start of a good weekend. Thank you !

Dave K.

Awesome service! Shane Corey notified us when he was on his way and arrived on time. He replaced the two laundry room faucets and the main shut off valve in front of the house. He completed the work quickly and cleaned up his work areas. Shane was very friendly and efficient. We would recommend Crown Plumbing and Shane to anyone


Steve S.

Crown Plumbing helped clear a clog somewhere deep in the bowels of our townhouse a few months back. The clog was cleared with an auger and they were gone in about 30-45 mins. Super professional, clean and quick. Not a penny over the amount quoted on the phone. Paid w/ Square and he was on his way.


Elaine Bill L.

Very impressed with the quality of work. Very honest in the assessment of the job. This will be our plumber for future work. Highly recommend Crown plumbing.

Marian L.

Excellent company to work with! Very organized! We needed our old sink disconnected and then a new sink hook up and garbage disposal installed after we put in new quartz countertops. It all had to be coordinated just right. They came on time and did an excellent job. Mike did and really good job and was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Crown Plumbing!

Emma C.

After trying several other area plumbers and either getting stood up for appointments or never getting a call back, I'm so glad we landed with Crown Plumbing! Booking an appointment was easy, they called before they arrived for the appointment, and also arrived within the time window. They assessed and fixed our problem quickly and were done in under an hour. Very clean, very professional, and friendly. I will definitely go back to Crown for future plumbing needs!

Tina M.

Called Crown Plumbing based on their awesome reviews on Yelp and I was not disappointed. I was able to get an appointment right away. Whilliam was very pleasant, friendly, and professional. He gave me an estimate for the two projects we had. He fixed the sink draining issue right away. We had a water filter under the sink that we could not figure out how to replace. He was able to pull it apart and identify the part. He placed an order for the part and came back a few days later to fix it. He kept me informed and updated all along. They are reasonably priced. I'm so glad I found Crown Plumbing. Thanks Whilliam!